How smart are you? I bet you didn't know these 15 things

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They say that we learn everyday. As a matter of fact, there are numerous things we don't know. Even the wisest and greastest scientists of all time, people like Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton etc; these were experts in their field but they still didn't know everything.

In this article, we will learn some things that we should know, a little here and a little there. They are called. So let's go.

1 Your body produces 300 billion new cells every day. Truly wonderful. These new ones quickly replace the old ones.

2. Your earlopes line up with your nipples. So when your nipple is erected, your earlopes too respond.

3. There are trillions of atoms in the human body4. The nose can remember 50,000 different scents.5. Frogs need to close their eyes before they can swallow anything.6. The body is made up of trillions of atoms and every year, about 98‰ of them are replaced. 7. How true is this? If you spend 25 years sleeping, then how long were you awake8. Sound is faster in steel than in air. Even elementary physics taught us this9. And you can be sure many persons want to spend all day in bed. Finally they have a name10. Men please don't feel attacked. I'm sure woman will like this one. Just make sure yiu are not the 1 out of 1011 Well, many persond have this fear. A day without a cell phone is probabaly win as the worst day ever for them.12. Wow. The heart keeps beating even in sleep13. Diamonds are the hardest known substance. They are formed by heat and destroyed by even more heat.14. So the brain is made of mainly of water15. I'm very sure I'm not average because it takes me much longer to fall asleep

Thanks for reading.

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