Check out shs boys and girls flexing in their uniforms.


A uniform, is a sign of identity. Uniforms express meanings of some sort, some express culture, identity. Most uniforms are worn as a sign of identity, to show where they come from. In this case we're talking about schools, and as per what you've read earlier, uniforms tell of your identity.

These days our main focus is on our kids, that is those in the secondary and tertiary institutions. Basically the secondary institution is what we mainly focus on, because that's were you seem to grow up. And so far, there's been a lot of things many have encountered during that stage.

But to me I think that the most intriguing part, is how they express themselves through their outfits. Students who are proud of their schools, make it known to the world with their uniforms. And as it is, the school tends to rise up high in esteem. Check down below and see some pictures of students in their uniforms.

Express yourself with your uniforms, and no matter what happens, you'll be glad. Because definitely, your school's reputation will lift up.