How To Attract God's Attention By Apostle Joshua Selman


The Nigerian televangelist popularly known as apostle Joshua Selman disclose some few tips on how to attract God's attention in your life and destiny. The key to getting God attention is not rolling on the ground. It is the degree to which your life Aline to kingdom assignment, it take more than fasting, more than prayers and Bible study for a man to attract divine authority. I discovered that it's not too difficult for God to lift a man but the only thing preventing us is that there is nothing that is representing God in our desire.

It is within the power of God to grant you success in your endeavors, it is within his power to grant you influence and cause man to hear you but the only thing is that "to what degree will his purpose be represented in your pursuit?." The difficulty in our Christian experience is a miss interpreted of God potentials.

It may look like God is slow or he is slack but he his searching the purity of our heart desire through his supernatural ability. Hear this my brothers and sisters until God find himself in your desire you are not going to see his attention in your life.

Although God will be angry with you if you commit sin but he can only be found in your agenda if you put him there. The condition to be save is not to give your heart to Jesus but to genuinely involve him in all your doing.

There are two keys to kingdom advancement please write them down number one of this called Evangelism and number two is called influence.

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