After Shehu Sani Mixed "Amala And Fura" Read What He Said Happened To Him


Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna state has narrated his ordeal after he took a combination of food one would never had thought of. He made his revelation in his official Twitter handle few hours ago.

There has been fights and arguments between the Yoruba people of Nigeria and the Fulani people of Nigeria, but many people do not make sense of the fight because they a still exist in the same country, do business together, eat together and laugh together.

Every true Nigerian would easily notice what the "Amala and Fura" combination means, not just because it is unhealthy, but for the two different ethnic groups who take one of these two as their major or traditional delicacy.

Amala belongs to the Yoruba people, it is taken as their traditional food, made from either yam flour, cassava flour and many other tuber and root crops.

Fura on the other hand is of the Fulani people, they take it together with different meals, majorly though, it is mixed with "nunu" extracted from cows breast.

Incase you still do not understand what I have explained, what happens when one takes this two mixtures cannot be explained because such a person would be in the toilet helping himself or herself out for days.

Shehu Sani had always tried to make people laugh about the ongoing rift between dome set of Yoruba people in the West and the Fulani herdsmen therein. He said he believes they are not separable so therefore, he and been doing things as though they are one.

In that mind, he decided to mix their traditional food together, which is the "Amala of the Yoruba and the Fura if the Fulani" in the spirit of togetherness.

According to him, it was "flagyl" that saved his life. Be warned, if you have been thinking about trying this mixture, flee away from it now.

Here is what he tweeted hours ago;

"I took Amala and Fura in the spirit of Yoruba and Fulani are one;I had to be rescued by flagyl."

This tweet has got his followers laughing at him. Many said he is a funny man while others say he should take the situation between Yoruba and Fulani serious.


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