Breaking News:2019/2020 League Cancelled And There Will Be No Champion

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According to reports,Dutch Football Association has cancelled the 2019/2020 Eredivisie season thus making it clear that there will be no champion this season.

Eredivisie has become the first big European League to be cancelled due to covid-19 outbreak all over the word.

According to reports,Prime Minister Mark Rutte has banned all professional fooball in the country until September this year.

This decision has a clear indication that there will be no promotion as well as relegation for 2019/2020 season.This means that Ajax,who are at the top of the Eredivisie table will not be crowned as champions.

This dicision will be good example for other big Eurolpean leagues who have not yet decided on which creteria to use to end the league due to Coronavirus outbreak.

There are a lot of views on what ways to end the leagues worldwide.For instance,English premier league has been taking opinions from clubs on how to end the league although no clear solution yet.

Champions League and Europa league games are tipped to continue but indoors according to reports .However,Since the Dutch League has decided to take their way forward,many leagues are yet to take their stand.

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