Pictures of Abena Cilla which have got many Black Americans crushing on her


I am sure most of us know who Abena Cilla is. When it comes to the most famous Ghanaian female models at the moment, she is certainly one of them. She gained her popularity quite recently and her fans really love her. She has as many as 287K followers on Instagram only. This tells you the effort she puts in her modeling craft as well as other businesses.

Unlike other models who had to struggle to make it to the limelight, Abena really didn't struggle to gain popularity all over the internet. Hers came quite swifter than most of them.

Well, let me tell you what made her more popular than the other models. The answer to this mystery is just simple. It lies within her body.

Abena has been endowed with a natural curvy shape and a heavy backside coupled with a flat tummy as well as a nice face. She is really beautiful and people just cannot stop admiring her pictures. In their quest to satisfy their admiration, they decided to follow her so they would get much access to her pictures whenever she posts them.

This is how beauty and a curvy body contributed to the success of her in the modeling and entrepreneurship business

She is a very hard-working lady and is constantly looking forward to finding other jobs which can help sustain her. Did you know that aside her being a fashion model, she is also a brand influencer, a video vixen and a content creator? This is how serious and determined she is.

On the mothers day, a black American page known as "TheyFyne" on Twitter which is known for posting pictures of pretty ladies around the globe posted a picture of the stunning Abena Cilla with a baby and captioned it, "A mother's love".

Well, you could see a baby in the pictures but the black Americans saw beyond that. They transcended beyond the ordinary and moved into the extraordinary.

They just couldn't get over the backside of this beautiful Ghanaian and decided to make interesting tweets about her. Most of them were hoping she was a single mother and were ever ready to take care of her and the lovely baby which featured in the picture. I doubt it is really her baby, the fact that she lay beside a baby doesn't mean the baby is hers.

Ladies and gentlemen, Abena Cilla is now the talk in town. Most black Americans on Twitter are now crushing on her and requesting for her Instagram so they could go follow her. This is how far her body is taking her.

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