Boyfriend Murders His Medicine Student Girlfriend Who Had Just Four Months Left To Become A Doctor

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Gender based violence cases keeps rising in South Africa and it seems as if the government can not do anything about it, women and children are the ones who are the victims of this despicable crime and the saddest part about it is that these people are victimized by men whom they trusted and depend on for security and protection, they somehow become monsters and victimize the defenseless people.

Families send their children to Universities hoping that they will come back as graduates with a degree and get a job to help them improve their living conditions, but the Makola family in Limpopo got the exact opposite of what they expected when after Mandy who was doing her final year in Medicine was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend.

Reports emerging g suggests that Mandy's boyfriend killed himself after he killed the aspiring medical student who was about to complete her studies at the University of Limpopo and become a doctor, but unfortunately Gender Based Violence consumed her young life, depriving South Africa a medical doctor who would have saved lives.

'"With just four months left to complete her medical degree, the Makola family is now preparing for the funeral service of the late aspiring medical doctor. The funeral service of the late Mandy Makola will be held at Moroke Madifahlane in Burgersfort on Saturday. She was allegedly killed by her boyfriend on the 11th of July 2022, who also later took his life. Makola was enrolled in the Faculty of Science, doing Medicine level 6 (final year) at the University of Limpopo," reports suggests.

It is not yet revealed what really happened before the killing, or how he killed her, she will be laid to rest this coming Saturday at her home in Burgersfort, may her soul rest in perfect peace.


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