LADIES: Stop Showering Daily or Twice a Day Before This Hazardous Health Effects Befall You


For most women and a smaller percentage of men, taking a bath early morning acts as a stimulation to keep away sleepy feeling and start the day off active mindedly. In the evening, many women and a few men usually bath to relax themselves off from a busy day and have an easy sleep. Dermatologist say that the above character does more harm than good to your body.

Most of us do this because it's our norm, parents and media has always advised you to regularly shave and bath to keep yourself smelling good and fresh.

A recent study from dermatologists and skin caretakers has established that the more you bathe daily or twice a day with warm or cold water the more you dry out and irritate your skin and hair. This happens especially if you scrub yourself with a hard object - a layer of important oils, lipids and bacteria that help keep your skin naturally healthy are oftentimes wiped off when you bathe regularly. As a result, small skin cracks that can lead to serious skin infection start to develop with time.

Some skins can thrive in one bath per day while others are completely dried by it. Health workers and construction workers are the only groups of people that may require to take a bathe daily due to the nature of their work.

Limit the number of times you take a bathe to ten minutes in every two or three days to stay healthy and save water.

The DailyOnlinePunch has learnt that people are over bathing in this country and most of us are doing it because of our societal norms.


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