Nosipho is back on her feet, see what happens to the Mhlongos

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of the Mhlongo family as we all know that Nosipho is now staying at the shack full of big rats after Nkunzi recently kicked her out of her own home, however we all know that she is a very smart and strong woman just like her mother Mangcobo. You will remember that the junkies recently broke in to her shack and took everything from her including food and clothes but luckily she was able to find those people who stole from her, however it seems like she is planning something big on how she will be able to destroy Nkunzi so that she can be able to get her father's legacy back from NkunziApparently you will remember that Nosipho is telling them one by one that she will back on her feet like she never fell and we all know that she is telling the truth, however it seems like those businesses might fall apart because Sibonelo is busy drinking alcohol with his friends during working hours. We all can see that Nkunzi really need Nosipho on his side because she was able to run the businesses, Sibonelo never ran a business in his whole life hence we all know that he was a doctor. From doctor to businessman?Leave your comments please



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