Funniest cake fails that will just make your day

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We all love cakes and if some do not, they are probably just a few. Cakes are made for different occasions and in most cases, people want to have signature cakes or cakes that are inspired. From what we have been able to see, there hasn't been much success when it comes to such cakes and maybe it is about time that people should just get a simple cake and stay away from being disappointed.

We have compiled some of the funniest cakes that you might have never come across and they will just make your day.

The owner of this cakes is happy to see Shrek.

You get asked what you want to be written on your cake and you say nothing and your cake comes looking like this. How would you react?

This is a clear indication that we must always expect the unexpected because we are living in real life and not Disney world.

Is this Steve Harvey, because it looks nothing like him?

Spiderman cake is not so bad, and the owner of it might have been happy about this.

A fire cake........

You get served a piece of cake by your inlaws and it is written die. There and there I would start having a running stomach.

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