Opinion: You May Never Eat Pork After Knowing These Facts about Pork Meat (with pictures)

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You May Never Eat Pork After Knowing These Facts about Pork Meat.

Pork Meat commonly known as pork is a type of meat which is gotten mostly from a domestic pig.

Some people call it red meat while some call it white meat, this meat is mostly consumed by the eastern Asia and some part of Africa. Its consumption is forbidden by some religions like Islam and Judaism, the animal is regarded as unclean animal by these religions.

Port can be consumed in different ways, they can be served unprocessed (cooked naturally and eaten immediately), processed in form of preserved pork products which include smoked pork, ham, bacon, and sausages.

It is not advisable not to eat processed meat like smoked meat, bacon, sausages, and ham because they aid in the development of some certain disease like cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

Facts you need to know about Pork meat

One should avoid eating this meat uncooked (raw), undercooked not fully (cooked), or overcooked because when overcooked it may contain carcinogenic substances (causing or tending to cause cancer) and when undercooked it may harbor parasites.

Pig meat can cause serious illness by transmitting numbers of bacteria into the human body.

Here are some major diseases caused by pork consumption;

#1. Yersinia

Yersinia is a Gram-negative bacterium, that is an etiological agent of several diseases in animals and humans, notably Yersinia pestis, which causes bubonic plague.

Raw or undercooked pork can transmit Yersinia bacteria, leading to short-term illness, it causes reactive arthritis, chronic joint conditions, Graves' disease and other complications in human body.

#2. Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis

Cancer is a serious disease that has ended the lives of many, this develops when cells in the body grows. Medical studies has shown that red meat linked with risk of some cancers, and should be avoided if an individual wants to prevent cancer. The meat also have a link with epidemiologically which is a liver disease.

#3. Hepatitis E

Animal like pig also have suffer from diseases that may be very dangerous to health. Pork products, especially liver, have been known to frequently carry hepatitis E.

This disease can be transferred to human from animal. If you eat uncooked or undercooked pork loin, you may be vulnerable to transmitted diseases like Hepatitis, etc.

Pork products, especially liver, have been known to frequently carry hepatitis E, which can cause severe complications and even death in vulnerable populations. Hence Thorough cooking is necessary to deactivate the virus.

Some noted worms have been found to be associated with pork meat. They include the following.

There are dangerous worms that are associated with pork meat. These worms could cause you your life if not prevented from entering the body.

 #1. Pork tapeworm

A person can develop its disease by eating an uncooked or undercooked pork.

Pork tapeworm, medically called Taenia solium is an intestinal parasite. It is not a common infection in developed countries but a serious treat in underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa. Its infection us not that harmful but may lead to a disease known as cysticercosis, which causes acquired epilepsy. This is while it is advisable to wash the meat very well and avoid eating an undercooked pork.

#2. Parasitic roundworms (Trichinella)

Trichinella is a family of parasitic roundworms that cause a disease known as Trichinellosis.

This disease comes with very mild symptoms, such as diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and heartburn or no symptoms at all. In older adult it can be dangerous because it is capable of causing them weakness, muscle pain, swollen eyes, fever. You shouldn't eat pork that are gotten from wild pig or pigs that are unkept. You can also develop this disease by eating pork that are uncooked or undercooked.

#3. Toxoplasmosis

The scientific name for the parasitic protozoan which causes Toxoplasmosis is called Toxoplasma gondii. This is a single - cell animal only visible in a microscope. This is a disease, caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, that primarily affects felids, but also other mammals including humans.

This disease have caused a lot of people's death worldwide. This parasite is mostly gotten by eating pork that are not well cooked.

Note; you should be mindful of what you eat and buy on the road side especially buying pork meat from people that you are not sure of how well they prepare the meat. It is advisable to cooked and prepare it yourself for healthy diet.

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