Meet Doris and Linder the first Ghanaian Lesbian to have children in their marriage.


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Meet the first lesbian couple to have children in Ghana.

Ghana is one of the African countries that frowns on LGBTQI people. Ghana's culture and constitution forbid same-sex relationships or marriage. Though it is claimed that some communities in Ghana embrace homosexuality, the majority of communities regard it as a taboo subject. Legal status There is no legislation in Ghana explicitly prohibiting homosexuality. However section 104 of the Ghanaian Criminal Code, last amended in 2003, states the following: (1) Whoever has unnatural carnal knowledge - (a) of any person of the age of sixteen years or over without his consent shall be guilty of a first degree felony and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twenty-five years; or (b) of any person of sixteen years or over with his consent is guilty of a misdemeanour; or (c) of any animal is guilty of a misdemeanour. (2) Unnatural carnal knowledge is sexual intercourse with a person in an unnatural manner or with an animal (12 Jan. 1961).   

Meet Doris and Linder, two well-known lesbian couples from Ghana who are legally married and have children. Many people wonder how two women can give birth to a child. Though it is nature impossible, technology, on the other hand, appears to be without bounds. As a result of technological advancements, implantation is now conceivable. According to the couple, they were able to conceive through implantation.

Doris who execute the tasks of a husband in their relationship claimed on their Facebook page that, they bought sperm from a donor fertilized it with her egg and it was implanted into the womb of Linder. Linder is the one who carries out the responsibilities of a wife in their partnership. She revealed that she had previously been married but that it had not worked out for her, prompting her to seek out a gay connection.

Doris and Linder currently run a Facebook page called "Delyn," where they entertain their fans and participate in a variety of social activisms in support of their gay colleagues around the world, particularly in Ghana. Because Ghana does not allow or assist LGBTQI people, they have no choice but to leave the nation. Doris and Linder have relocated to London. It is established that they are the first African couple to give birth in this kind of marriage.