After gushing and frequently posting about his daughter only for the DNA to say something else

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The man who goes by the name of Michael Mokoena has been frequently posting pictures of him and his daughter on Facebook. This man usually gushes and expresses the love he has for his daughter. His Facebook friends were so in love with his parenting skills, and how he so present in his daughter's life.

This man decided to do a DNA test after hearing so many rumors about the past of his girlfriend, and when the results came back they confirmed that he is not the father of his daughter he has been raising for years "The DNA tests came through I am not the biological father...Mjolo Neh" He sadly wrote.

Facebook users have shared their thoughts about this matter and many of them tried to console this man. "Being a father isn't always about the DNA" Wrote a user. Some users were just shocked and out of words "Indeed after God fear women" wrote another user.

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