Mystery as a man goes missing, and found 2 days later in this place searched multiple time prior

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A family's outing to the neighbourhood pool to cool off during Saturday's heat wave turned into a three-day nightmare when one of their party went missing, and his death was discovered two days later in the pool.

The family went to the De La Bat street pool in Worcester on Saturday, but they couldn't find the man by closing time, according to the Breede Valley Municipality.

They inquired of lifeguards as to whether he was still present, and they began searching for him, with one lifeguard diving into the pool to see if he was submerged.

"Unfortunately, there were no positive results from the search. Following that, the family returned home to resume their search for the deceased, while the staff continued to clean the pool, clean the premises, and prepare the facility for operations the next day "According to the municipality.

On Sunday, the family returned and asked them to re-inspect the property.

The lifeguards also searched the five-metre deep end for signs of drowning or sightings of the missing man, but discovered nothing. They advised the family to contact the authorities.

On Sunday, his family reported him missing to the Zwelethemba satellite police station.

When the pool closed for the day, the personnel cleaned the pool and prepared it for the next day.

A general worker informed the pool caretaker on Monday morning that there was a body in the pool.

"Unfortunately, the body was later conclusively recognized as the missing person in issue," the municipality said.

According to the town, not only was the family traumatized, but the staff was as well, and they believed they followed all protocols.

With 12 years of experience at this pool, the said lifeguard is one of the greatest in the local area. The on-duty supervisor has a total of 15 years of experience. In addition, the municipality is proud of its swimming pool safety record, which includes only one fatality in the last ten years.

"However, the municipality aims to completely avoid fatalities in general, underlining the tremendous shock and sadness experienced upon recognizing the deceased."

The town stated that it would support investigations into what occurred, but that it would hide the family's information for the time being to protect their privacy.

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Source: News24

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