Four In Serious Condition As Speeding Vehicle Rams Into Mobile Money Shop At Tarkwa New Atuabo

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A vehicle with registration number WT-308 -21 has rammed into a mobile money shop at Tarkwa New Atuabo in the Western Region of Ghana. The driver of the vehicle was driving at top speed during the celebration of a final funeral rite of his friend.

He was displaying on the road when he lost control and drove into the mobile money shot on top speed. Four persons including a child are currently battling for their lives at the hospital after the driver knocked them in the process.

These four persons included a fruit seller who is stationed just beside the Mobile money shop. The second victim is a mother known as Sister Comfort who works with one of the mining companies in Tarkwa. She was standing just beside the road waiting for her bus when the incident occurred. The others included a mother and her seven-year-old son who were beside the road waiting for a vehicle to school.

In an interview, Sister Comfort who is currently receiving medical treatment indicated that the entire accident occurred unexpectedly. According to her, she is currently feeling severe pains in her ears and mouth. The seven-year-old child is also battling for his life at the hospital after sustaining severe injuries.

Fortunately, the fruit seller sustained no injuries but her fruits, including watermelons, oranges, and bananas were destroyed. The mobile money vendor was at the time of the accident absent but the shop collapsed completely.  

The driver who also sustained some degrees of injuries is currently under arrest whilst receiving treatment at the hospital. Fortunately, the driver was the only person in the vehicle when the incident occurred.

The rate of road accidents in the country has been described as outrageous. Many innocent lives have been lost whilst many other victims have sustained injuries. Drivers have been advised to abide by all the road safety regulations on the road but some of them have decided otherwise. It is fortunate victims in this particular accident are still alive but drivers and other road users must be extra careful whilst on the road.

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