Kenyans mark 52 years In rememberance of Tom mboya. (Image)


Its on this day 52 years ago when at Moi avenue Nairobi a bullet ripped through a Kenyan legend Tom mboya.

Despite his reputation anything about hos murder has never been solved. Even single hints about his hit or whoever was behind it was never ravelled. But will still remember him as a hero who may have been silenced due to political fears for he had became more likeable with a huge following across the whole country

Tom mboya was one of the most loved politicians who had a good and clear chance of ruling this country.

He was considered the Kenyan Martin Luther due to the dreams and plans he had for this country.

The country now remembers him as a hero who was cut before accomplishing whatever he dreamt for the country. People over time have tried to imagine the state and development of the country if he was still alive and more so if he had a chance to lead the country as the president.

Now all his memories are in books and a statue in the Central business district (CBD). 

Lets remember our hero as we strive to make the change he wanted for this country.