Why Your Fight is not With The Devil


Hey guys, my name is Shad, and welcome to the channel. This is going to be the first episode in another new series that I'm starting, which is going to be covering the famous spiritual classic and my personal favorite book, a course in miracles. Now this book was channeled back in the 1970s by two clinical psychologists and professors at Columbia University named Helen Shukman, who was the channeled, and William Thetford, who was the scribe. Now this book has an enormous following online and around the world of people who come together in groups to sort of study the course and take the curriculum with one another. So I'm going to be starting my own study group with you guys here on my channel, which I'm really excited about. And so in this series, I'm going to be doing my best to break down the basic teachings of the course in such a way that is palatable for anyone at any level of spirituality, because I really do believe that this book has a unique ability to set people free in a way that no other material quite can match.

And if you dedicate yourself to studying it, it will do so for you as well. So the course opens up with the famous line. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, and herein lies the peace of God. And so the basic premise of this line is that only God's reality exists and everything else is an illusion. The core States that there are two mutually exclusive thought systems that are diametrically opposed. There is no overlap and no understanding whatsoever between the two. And that is of course the thought systems of the ego and the spirits, or you could say fear and love. One of them is a complete illusion based upon misperceptions of reality. And the other is a complete truth that stands in and of itself, but can only be seen once these illusions have been removed. And so the entire purpose of the course material is to annihilate these illusions in spirituality.

When we say that something is real, we are saying that it is self-sufficient meaning it is eternal and unchanging. There's nothing you can do about it. It's true. Whether you like it or not. And likewise, when we say that something is unreal, we are saying that it is not self-sufficient. It is impermanent. It depends on something else in order to exist. So for example, your thoughts and feelings only exist as long as you believe in them, the moment that you stop believing in thought completely, or it loses all interest for you, then it quickly vanishes from reality. So it only exists as long as you believe in it, your attention is propping it up as the course puts it. The ego depends entirely on your willingness to tolerate it. And so the course deems these kinds of things as unreal or illusions. The thought system of the spirit is based solely upon love.

to be continued....

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