WAEC Confident No “Apor” Will Leak In This Year's BECE

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The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) commences in two days and the examining body has come out bold and clear that the rampant leakages of examination questions which takes place every year in BECE and WASSCE is going to end this time round. 

The head of Public Relations of WAEC, Mrs. Agnes Teye-Cudjoe told the Ghana News Agency that its outfit is confident that there would not be any leakage of examination questions in the yet to be written papers.

In support of her bold and unsurprising statement, she revealed that officials from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) monitored the printing, sorting, and packaging of the question papers this time round. She added that WAEC has also increased the number of depots storing confidential materials under strict surveillance.

Furthermore, she told the media that security has been enhanced to ensure that no paper get leaked before and during the examinations. Thus, parents and candidates are advised to desist from buying fake question papers from fraudulent people who will sell fake papers to them. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) doubted the assurance given by WAEC. He stated, “on the side of WAEC, we don’t have the assurance that there won’t be any leakages,, but we can only hope that WAEC puts its house in order and prevent a repetition of what happened during this year’s WASSCE.”

WAEC has come under several attacks by members of the public for being the hand behind the leakages of examination papers that final year students experience every year. Many people believe that there is no way examination papers would leak without the help of the frontiers. The Council is under so much pressure to reclaim its lost reputation in this year's BECE starting on Monday, November 15, 2021, to Friday November 2021. 

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