Tragedy: You will cry after watching sad photos from Bogoso gas explosion.

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Ghana is all black since 11:00. Death has spread its disease on the people of Bogoso. This has led all parts of Ghana into a state of mourning. A whole community has been captured by death. This is one of the saddest moments in Ghana’s history. Lots of blood and people has been shed. Everyone in Ghana, especially the people of Bogoso will never forget this nightmare. If I see how human bodies are harvested like maize, it makes my heart bleed. I mean, I’m really sad about this accident. This day is bad for all Ghanaians. No one is happy, especially after when the news has been popular all over.

The main cause of this rampage that has brought down a whole community is giving as a Car and a motor crash. The car which contains explosives being transported to a mining site is alleged to have crashed with a motorbike. This caused a massive explosion which has brought destructed properties and lives of many people to an end. Most people are seriously injured and plenty have died. A community which is also close to the highway has been razed down. Since I was born, I have never seen a rampage of this kinds. The bodies of others are being carried seconds by seconds. I have shared photos of the incident below; if you are a heartless person, you can watch.

After watching these pictures from the incident, how did you feel? Ah, this tragedy is heartbreaking. Since people survived from the incident, let’s pray for them because most people who sustained injuries are suffering. I saw one on the TV where blood has washed the body of a boy about 17 years.

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