Key Differences Between Degree And Diploma Courses

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Students who perform well in KCSE examinations usually proceeds to higher institutions to pursue various courses. However the career choice is usually determined by one's qualifications and compatibility.However among the programmes of the course study include degree, diploma and certificates.However there is major distinction between degree and diploma.The following are some of the differences;

1.The Course Study Completion Duration.The Diploma courses usually takes less period to completion as compared to degree courses.Degree courses takes almost four years except a few, while diploma courses takes 2_3years.

2.Examination Monitoring.

Mostly the diploma examinations are formulated and monitored by the educational bodies such as KNEC, KASNEB among others.On the other hand the examination under degree programme are school_based where no educational officials are involved. However the external examiners are involved in the marking process.

3.Nature Of Content Taught.

For degree courses the concepts taught are more advanced as compared to the diploma courses.However the research based techniques are used while teaching degree learners where individuals are required to explore their innovation skills.

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