Never Fall In Love With These 5 Types Of Men


It's quite clear that for two opposite genders to fall in love there must be a development of strong feelings of love and attachment towards each other. The physical act of falling is always sudden, uncontrollable and normally leaves the one in love in a vulnerable state. This state is normally referred to us as falling into a trap. There are some of the signs that shows that you are in love. Some of this signs are feeling someone's pain, being full of date ideas, feeling adventurous, forgetting some of your priorities and becoming intensely curious about someone you are in love with.

Dating game is fun especially when your part of it because you are going to meet all sorts of people. You are going to meet people with different personalities while in it. This is where you are going to have a better clarification on the type of man you are actually looking for. Some men will turn you off while others are exceptional charming. Here are 5 types of men you shouldn't fall in love with.

1.A man who is cold and indifferent

men not to fall for 1

Women don't like cold and indifferent men because he is not sensitive and doesn't care. A man should be caring and sensitive. Women don't like men who always act disinterested when talking about a sensitive matter. A cold and indifferent man will never be affected with emotions.

2.The moody one

There must be ups and downs in kind of relationship but there shouldn't be a woman dreaming of dating a man whose mood can't be predicted. A man who gets low and upset in one minute and happy in another shouldn't be taken serious. This kind of behaviour shouldn't be tolerated in a relationship, stay away if you can't handle his moody behaviour.

3.The typical male chauvinist

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The typical male chauvinist are the kind of men who are ingrained with patriarchal attitude. You will notice it yourself when you two are in a relationship from the way they treat other women. You won't even struggle, as long as you want to know, you will. A man should have respect for women.

4.Men who are players in the dating scene

men not to fall fo 4

There are men who are great players in the dating scene. Men are different from women, they don't have a forgiving heart especially in matters to do with relationship. He won't forgive you when he finds you cheating with another man. Don't tolerate a cheating man unless you are comfortable with infidelity. If a man cheats on you while dating, just imagine what he is he capable of when you two are married.

5. 'I, me, myself' kind of man

No woman in this world thinks about dating a man who is a narcissist and very full of himself. A man who always speak about himself in every conversation you hold. He tells you about himself each and everytime you talk. These type of men are known to be selfish because their happiness is the only thing that matters to them.


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