More Problems For Zandile Mafe as he Tests Positive For Covid-19

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Date: 17/01/22



The alleged arsonist has been very popular in the past few days. He has been in and out of courta and has been held captive for all these days in order to try and find out if he is guilty for burning the Parliament or not. While his biggest trouble is that he is in jail and now has to undergo a 30-day psychiatric evaluation, He now has to add testing positive for the coronavirus as well.


It has been reported by his lawyer that on Sunday the 16th of January Zandile Mafe got tested for covid-19 and the result came out positive. I just said now he has to undergo the usual procedures just like any other person who tests positive for the virus. The only good thing about this is that he is no longer in jail and only in a psychiatric hospital.

This means that he will undergo his quarantine and isolation in peace and will only resume his mental evaluation as soon as he is feeling better. This now acts as an extra burden in his fight for his freedom. It is said that even though he has tested positive for the coronavirus, it won't change the case.


It seems that the Murphy's Law is applying to Zandile Mafe. Every day something seems to be going wrong for him all the cases that he is currently having. It is evident that he can't wait till he's absolved from all of this cases that are currently going on for him. His bail hearing has somewhat been postponed in order to have him undergo a psychiatric testing but as soon as that is over he will be moving a bit closer to actually being a free man.

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