Some of the Most Expensive Schools in Kenya


Everybody realizes that well-rounded schooling in Kenya ain't that modest today. Be that as it may, you might be astonished at how costly schools have become, with no monetary guide, you'd settle up to Ksh 3,000,000 per year to go to the most costly school in Kenya. A large portion of the costly schools in Kenya are private and offer worldwide examination frameworks like IGSE. Great boarding, menu, grants, medical services, and study offices are completely ensured in these schools. 

Right away, here are probably the most costly schools in Kenya. Is your youngster's fantasy school on the rundown? 

Global School of Kenya 

The International School of Kenya is situated along Kirawa Road in Nairobi's suburb Runda. The school which has more than 950 understudies from in excess of 65 nations offers instruction from pre-kindergarten to review 12 level. They have a global American educational plan framework. 

Their evaluation 11-12 fee is $29,944 which is equivalent to Ksh 3,025,871. This is the International School of Kenya expense structure. 

Aga Khan Academy 

The Aga Khan Academy is situated in the Parklands neighborhood of Nairobi. They show utilizing the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, utilized by more than 4,000 schools on the planet. They charge an expense of Ksh 1,107,000 every year for grade 11-12 understudies. 

Creek House School 

Brookhouse School is situated along Magadi Road in Langata. They offer a British educational program from preliminary to optional level. Their year 12-13 compensation an incredible charge of Ksh 1,080,000 for each term. Here is the Brook House School full charge structure. 

Peponi School 

The Kenyatta Family claimed esteemed school is situated in Ruiru, Kiambu province. They offer British Curriculum for both lower and upper schools. Full visitors pay Ksh 983,400 for each term while day understudies pay 696,675 for every term making it perhaps the most costly schools right now in Kenya. Here is Peponi School charge structure. 

Greensteds International school 

Greensteds International school is found 16km from Nakuru town. The renowned school which was set up in 1936 offers instruction from early years (age 2), completely through to the Sixth Form (age 18). The school utilized the British Curriculum as its system. 

Their years 12-13 compensation Ksh 734,500 for each term. Here is a full charge structure for Greensteds International school. 

Diamonds Cambridge 

This is one of the more extensive organization of GEMS Cambridge International Schools across the world. It's situated in Nairobi's suburb Karen along the Magadi street. They offer the British National Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 13. Their year 12-13 compensation a yearly educational expense of $16,176 comparable to Ksh 1,635,070. 


Braeburn is situated along Gitanga street in Nairobi's suburb Lavington. They have more than 9 grounds in Kenya giving training under the British National Curriculum. Their year 12-13 compensation a yearly expense of Ksh 1,621,000. Here is the full expense structure for Braeburn School. 

St Andrews Turi 

St. Andrews School is situated in Turi, close to Molo town in Nakuru province. They offer training from preliminary to auxiliary level dependent on the British educational program. Their year 12-13 compensation a charge of Ksh 909,000 for each term making it perhaps the most costly worldwide schools in Kenya. Here is the St. Andrews School charge structure. 

Braeside school 

Braeside school is situated in Nairobi's suburb Lavington and they show utilizing the National Curriculum of England and Wales. They charge a yearly Fee of Ksh 909,000 for year 12-13. This is the Braeside School educational expense structure. 


The worldwide school is situated in the Nairobi suburb of Karen. Hillcrest school was set up in 1975 and offers British Curriculum. Their year 12-13 compensation Ksh 671,500 for each term restrictive of transport lunch and boarding. This is the Hillcrest School expense structure. 


Banda School is situated along Magadi Road in Langata. They offer a British instruction framework from preliminary to upper school. Their year 12-13 compensation a charge of Ksh 585,000 for each term. This is a full charge structure for Banda school. 

Rosslyn Academy 

Rosslyn Academy is situated in Gigiri off Limuru Road. The private Christian global school offers North American educational plan from preschool to twelfth grade. Their yearly educational cost fee is accepted to over Ksh 1.5 million since they don't uncover their charge construction to the general population. 

German School in Kenya 

This is a German-talking school situated on Limuru Road, inverse Village Market in Nairobi. Their yearly charge for class 5-12 is € 11,336.00 identical to Ksh 1,403,583 while for class 1-4 is € 9,672.00 comparable to Ksh 1,195,991 starting at 2018. 

Rusinga School 

Rusinga School is situated in Nairobi's Suburb Lavington. They offer a British National Curriculum with a yearly charge of Ksh 886, 000 for year 12-13. 

Forest Star International School 

Forest Star is an International kindergarten and pre-private academy situated in Limuru, Kiambu County. Their educational program depends on the American training framework. They charge Ksh 663,619 per annum as educational expense. 

Stem International School 

Stem International School is situated in Nairobi's suburb of Karen. They show utilizing an American educational plan and charge an expense of Ksh 660,000 every year for their evaluation 9-12 understudies. 

The Nairobi Academy 

This is another International school situated in Nairobi's Karen suburb. They show utilizing the British Curriculum for understudies of ages 7 to 13. They charge Ksh 717,000 for each term for year 13 understudies. Here is the Nairobi Academy charges structure. 

Schools like St. Mary's School Nairobi likewise charge pretty high expenses yet they don't make their charges public. 


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