Bribery And Corruption In Our Educational Sector Which Seems To Kill Us Slowly.


The Educational sequence in Ghana permits all students to be assessed at the end of each cycle or stage. From primary you are assessed and when you pass, you move to the Junior High School and so on till you reach tetiary. Even with the tetiary, assessment still continues until you are awarded whatever certificate you are aspiring for be it certificate, Diploma, Degree or Masters.

The essence of all these assessments has always been to get the best performance of students, their understanding, knowledge and skills relative to what they have been thought. And if after these assessments, a student performance proves below standard, he/she is made to resit and better themselves before moving to the next stage.

Now it looks as if the purposes of these assessments has been nullified by most Authorities in high positions, buying and selling qualifications with money for their wards. This is surprisingly prevalent in seeking admissions into the tetiary schools. The most disgusting thing of it all is when a qualified student is denied admission simply because the school is full.

In the olden days this was not so and good leaders were produced to manage this country. That's not to say there are no good leaders now but how many are they? And how many of them really qualify to be where they are and didn't bribe their way in there? How many are ready to offer a selfless service to this nation without the love of money that sent them to where they are?

Hi dear readers, in my own point of view, it is now our stomach that's directing us where we should be and not what we are capable of doing. That's why someone will sit down and calculate which sector pays the highest salary so they can join there. A student without Nursing Training qualification, or even any healing vision can just imagine how lucrative the nursing services are and decide to bribe their way and enter. Such a student if continue with such poor performance and bribing masters for marks just to acquire the certificate to meet their desires, what do you think will happen to patients in his/her hands? Aren't our lives in danger? It's because of money that brought them into the service and not the love of the work.

What we need to understand is that, it is not all of us that must be able to do one thing. Whilst others are good at a particular thing, you can also be good at another. I therefore entreat all leaders reading this article to desist from bribery and corruption and allow nature to take it's course. Let one be at where they are supposed to be and where their potentials can best be utilized. If you support my views in this article, please like, comment and share with others and also follow me for more articles to come. Thank you for reading


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