Lovely pictures and facts about Hailie Mathers, Eminem's Daughter

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Eminem who is one of the best rappers of our time who is known for his wonderful lyrics and disses, it is no news that Eminem has an amazing daughter Hailie Scott Mathers, due to the fact that he talks about her a lot and how much he loves her. 

Hailie has been an inspiration to Eminem following the content of his lyrics, she has been the subject of some of his songs like ”mockinbird“.

Hailie was born on 25th December 1995 making her 25 years old, she has grown up to be a beautiful lady before our very eyes.

Hailie attended Michigan state university where she obtained her degree in psychology in 2018, she graduated as one of the best students, like father like daughter.

Hailie is active on social media, she has about 2.1 million followers, she aspires to an influencer, Hailie is in a relationship with Evan McClintock who she met in the university.

Here are other lovely pictures of Hailie

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