Buhari Mourns The Death of Former Chief Of Defence Staff, Check out What He Said About Him


When death strikes, it strikes with full force and doesn't consider whether you are a prominent man in society, an influential person, or an honorable. It strikes without asking or answering anyone, death is the only thing that has so much power over human beings.

Some people have asked many questions about death and what is the origin but we know that it happened in the past and didn't start now, death leaves people hopeless, sad, and heartbroken, it doesn't look back but does that which it pleases.

Today the President of Nigeria, Mahammadu Buhari is in shock as he mourns the death of the former Chief of Defence Staff. According to the President the death of Lieutenant General Joshua Dogonyrarou is a great shock to him, he revealed that General Joshua Dogonyraro was a great Officers and soldiers who gave his best for the service of the country.

General Joshua Dogonyraro indeed was a great soldier, his death is a great loss not only to the country but to his family, friends, and relatives. His sacrifice to the country and his contribution to Nigeria's military will not be forgotten in a hurry, he is a true soldier who has the country in his heart.

Condolences to his family and his relatives, may his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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