5 Steps To Take In case Of A Car Tyre Bursts While You're Driving

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Most common cause of Tyre bursting, is under inflation of the Tyre. Under inflated Tyre won't support the car's weight properly making the car to bounce up and down when driven at a speed. High friction will lead to build up of heat, weakening the Tyre then bursting of the Tyre.

In case of a car Tyre burst,

1. Watch your speed. High speed with a blown out tyre, you will lose control of your vehicle quickly, stick to the speed limit.

2. Don't step on the brakes. Most people step on brakes in event of an accident. Slamming on brakes, will throw the vehicle off balance, making the vehicle to spin and losing control completely.

3. Do not release the accelerator suddenly. Release it slowly and not rapidly, deceleration force caused by the burst tyre will cause your car to slow down rapidly. Maintain speed and gradually ease off.      

4. Keep the vehicle going straight ahead, don't over correct. Your car will always swerve in the direction of the blown out tyre. Focus on the steering wheel to ensure you move straight. This will help to avoid collision.

5. Once you have come to a complete standstill, turn on the hazard lights. But first ensure it's safe for you and your car to stop there before stopping.

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