Uganda on the Spot After Third Wave of Covid-19 Hitting Kenya


Residents of the Busia border have been advised to be more careful and to continue observing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to combat the spread of the virus, the NTV Uganda reports.

This was after its neighbouring country, Kenya experiencing a third wave of the pandemic which saw her (Kenya) recording over 900 Covid-19 cases over the last few weeks.

The Ugandan government has now requested its citizens who are residing in the Kenya-Uganda boundary to continue observing the health guidelines so as to avoid further spread of this virus in Uganda.

Uganda is among the African countries that have managed to control the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus having recorded 40867 cases as of Wednesday, March 31. The country has also recorded around 40449 recoveries with around 335 death cases. The country has 83 active cases according to the information from the country's Ministry of Health.

Kenya on the other hand, as of Wednesday, had recorded around 134058 Covid-19 cases with around 92679 recoveries as per the information by the ministry. Kenya has 2153 Covid-19 death cases.