Step By Step Guide: How To Make A Woman Fall In Love On Whatsapp

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It is not easy to find the ideal person, much less make a woman fall in love with WhatsApp. Do not be discouraged, we will give you some tips to achieve it. Social media can help you find a partner, as long as you use it correctly. Keep in mind that you should not be so pushy, as some girls may feel uncomfortable and harassed. In the following lines we will help you conquer the heart of the woman of your dreams, so take note. In the 80s, it was very common for boys to call her on the phone to ask her out.

What's more, in 1988, the band Timbiriche released a song titled 'I don't know if it's love' in which it simulated a conversation between two lovers. However, with the passage of time, everything was transformed; The internet arrived, smartphones were invented and applications emerged. WhatsApp became one of the instant messaging tools most used by women and men to flirt. If you want to make a woman fall in love with WhatsApp, consider the following:

1. Average the messages

Don't overwhelm the girl you want to conquer with thousands of messages. If she doesn't answer you, give her her time, as she is most likely busy. Some people recommend not responding immediately to avoid being anxious.

2. Illustrate the conversation.

WhatsApp allows you to send videos, photos, gifs and emoticons; Use them appropriately to make the conversation more engaging. If the girl is opening her heart with you you can send her an audio to tell her what you think about it.

3. Show your personality

In each word and message show yourself as you are, do not try to make her fall in love by being presumptuous. Tell her what your tastes are, know the dreams and goals that she has. Be flattering without falling for the cloying and lying. The occasional compliment can help you date her.

4. Create a good image of yourself.

Before starting a conversation with the girl of your dreams, choose a good profile picture. Find your best selfie and place it. You can also ask a friend to take your picture in an open space.

5. Watch your spelling.

When you go to write to your next conquest, watch your spelling, otherwise, the woman could lose interest in you. If the messages are badly written, the recipient will think that you are an immature man and zero intelligent.

6. Start the conversation

Do not start the conversation with a simple 'hello', since all you can receive is another greeting. From the first moment, he shows interest in her and her well-being; ask him how he was or how he is. You can also start talking to her by sending her a photo that reminds you of her with the phrases: 'when I saw this I remembered you, that's why I sent you a message' or 'I was thinking about you today'.

7. Know your routine.

During the first few talks, try to know her routine so that you avoid sending her a message when she is busy, as it could be annoying. When he's 'free' ask him how he did at work or school.

8. Do not disappear

Try to be present in their day to day. They don't have to be talking all the time, but you do have to show them that they are important to you. If you are used to writing one day yes and three no, then your attempt at dating may fail.

9. Make her feel good.

One of the most important things during a conversation is to feel comfortable. Therefore, try to make the girl feel good and avoid sending harassing messages.

10. Assertiveness.

Learn to say things simply and bluntly. Make her feel like you want her to be your girlfriend; Keep him from thinking that you are an inveterate flirt who sends messages to everyone .

11. Pay attention.

When your favorite person is going through a serious problem, listen to them. A good memory will be the key to winning their heart, since we all like to be paid attention to. Later, you can ask him what happened to every situation; He will feel that it is very worth talking to you. As time goes by, she will come to you to tell you what is going on in her life.

12. Respect their tastes.

Respect their tastes and interests: do not try to impose your ideas on them. Little by little you will know what things do not attract him. If you notice her uncomfortable during the conversation, try changing the subject so she doesn't say goodbye or block you out.

13. Upload stories and edit your status.

If you are a very shy boy and do not dare to tell him directly that you like him, you can upload a story referring to his friendship. Post a phrase that she knows goes directly to her.

14. Have a reason.

Whenever you talk to the girl, have a reason to do so. Avoid texting her saying 'what are you telling me?' As it will bore her. The worst that could happen is that I let you in sight.

15. Don't always be available.

Another good technique to conquer her is to be absent for a short time, so she will feel that she misses talking to you. If you are not available, she will start wondering what you are doing, and will even be the one to send a message.

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