A Visit To Onitsha And The Lovely Meal I Found Called 'Akidi'


One of the things I remember Onitsha for was this local delicacy I spotted in the city during my recent visit from Owerri.

So me and my companion were making our way out the overcrowded Onitsha main market that day when we saw this food vendor on the roadside. 

She was scooping heaps of steaming hot beans onto the plates of waiting customers, topping them with yams and laying oil generously on it.

My first thought was, ewa agoyin! Wow! In the heart of Onitsha main market? My whole life in Lagos meets Onitsha. I lived in Lagos for years so ewa agoyin was my thing.

Ah! Imagine the sheer joy of finding it in another city far away in the East, or so I thought.

(Photo: Cowpea)

But my friend was like, it's not ewa agoyin, it's akidi (cowpea). You couldn't easily tell based on the appearance of the food.

(Picture used for illustrative purpose)

I was a little bit disappointed.

As much as the aesthetics of the akidi meal was inviting I've never been a fan of akidi.

However, my friend was delighted and ready to buy, so I followed behind him to where the vendor was.

It was as if the woman didn't understand the portion control aspect of the food business, the way she was heaping large portions of the food onto our plates.

After packaging his food in a takeaway pack that was almost spilling over, I said wait first let me buy mine. This I did halfheartedly. 

Let's just say if anything will bring me back to the bustling city of Onitsha, it's that akidi meal prepared just like ewa agoyin.

It turned out so nice and was generously served at a cheap price.

(Picture used for illustrative purpose)

Look out for it if you ever visit there. I recommend.

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