How Identical Twins Of Late Soldier & Gang Members Were Nabbed For Arm Robbery By Abba Kyari's Team


The Nigerian Inspector General of Police's Intelligence Response Team and deputy commissioner of police Abba Kyari, has revealed how a set of identical twins and their gang members where nabbed in Lagos State for Arm Robbery.

According to the story which the gallant officer shared on his Official Facebook page, the twins who where identified as Taiwo and Kehnide where Sons of a late Nigerian Soldier.

Photos Of The Identical Twins and Their Gang Members:

Abba Kyari team explained how the twins resemblance was so strong and revealed it would have been difficult to capture them both had they not been involved in the same Crime. As Posted on his Facebook page, His storey read:

Abba Kyari and His team have been on the haunt for kidnappers and Criminals hoping to commit havock in the society and we say a big kudos to his team on This Victory.

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Source: Abba Kyari Official Facebook Page