What a Christian Who Backslides from Faith May Face.

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There are 2 painful things that may happen to a person who follows this path. It would be nice for all Christians to be up and doing so as to avoid these 2 things that causes pain and sorrow. Without further ado, they are:Image source: Google Images.

1. He or She May Loose the Edge of Protection from God:

How can God protect a person who has denounced his or her faith in him? It is only by grace that few backsliders receive his protection. Loosing the edge of protection from God would open a person's life to various attacks from the enemy. The person's state may become worse than the time when he or she had not given his or her life to Christ. Sometimes, these attacks could even end the life of the backslider. This is because the devil would not want to take chances, knowing that the person may change his or her mind in the future. Therefore, it would be wise for every Christian to avoid the path of backsliding as much as possible.

2. His or Her Name May Be Removed from the Book of Life:

The book of life is meant for those who faithfully serve and work for God. It is meant for those who are blameless before God. A backslider is void of the above mentioned, and hence, there is no reason whatsoever why his or her name should be written in the book of life. It is only if God commands otherwise, and we know that God is not double standard. Once the person's name is removed, it means that he or she would no longer enter heaven. And the destination of anyone who does not enter heaven is hell fire..i pray that we shall jot backslide from faith in Jesus Name. Amen.

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