Kamene and Jalas Reaction to "Baby Girls" who Expect Benefits From their Sponsors After Break up.


A baby girl in Kenya posted on social media complaining that a elevated her lifestyle then left her in an expensive apartment and with a BMW. She argued that the man wasn't fair and should come back to pay her rent and insurance money for her car. This post has attracted mixed reactions from netizens. Today Kamene and Jalas in their morning show, have aired their reactions on the matter.

"If a sponsor has been taking care of you for five years, you definitely know that at some point the sponsor will go back to their families, when that happens you have to go out and hustle like other people."On air, Kamene shared his sentiments. "You can't be relying on somebody after they leave you."

Jalas on the other hand spoke out firmly, "We know of many people including our friends who have been kept by sponsors, including gents. You have to plan how you will use the money you get from your sponsor to develop yourself. You can't just be travelling everywhere having fun and have nothing to show at the end of it. Open a business somewhere and be independent."

What is your advice to such people who depend fully on sponsors? Comment, share and follow.

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