5 Elite Players Who Have Nigerian Heritage But Represent Another Country

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- Bukayo Saka

The first footballer on the list is Bukayo Saka. The Nigerian-British player plays for England national team. The 19-year-old winger is one of the stars of Arsenal FC and his talent is remarkable. Saka has all that it takes to become one of the best players in the world.

- David Alaba

David Olatukunbo Alaba has a Nigerian heritage but represents the Austria national team and he currently plays for La Liga club Real Madrid and the Austria national team whom he captains. Alaba has played in a multitude of roles, including central midfield and right and left-wing, but primarily plays as a left-back, and more recently as a center-back.

- Ross Barkley

Chelsea star Ross Barkley is another player with a Nigerian heritage but he is representing the England national team. The attacking midfielder plays for Chelsea at the club level but he was an academy graduate of Everton football club.

- Dele Alli

Bamidele Jermaine "Dele" Alli is another wonderful player who has a Nigerian heritage but he is representing another country. The Tottenham Hotspurs star has a Nigerian father.

- Tammy Abraham

The last person on my list is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham, popularly known as Tammy Abraham. The English professional footballer plays as a striker for Premier League club Chelsea and the England national team.

He Graduated from Chelsea academy, Tammy Abraham decided to represent England.

Opinion: How powerful would the Nigeria national team have been with the inclusion of these players listed above. Comment down your opinion and do not post hate comments.

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