Kelly Khumalo forced him to sing, fans said after they spotted an unhappy man behind Kelly Khumalo.

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Hello everyone, young and old, friends and family, welcome or welcome back to yet another one of my short articles about the amazing South African musician called Kelly Khumalo, you can voice out your own opinion in the comment section below, you can also share this short article with others as well, like it and please do not forget to follow me for more upcoming daily short articles like this one.

Kelly Khumalo recently posted some cute pictures of herself on stage, but fans noticed that the man behind her was not happy, he looked so sad, these were the pictures below :

As you saw from the pictures above, this man who sings with Kelly Khumalo looks so sad and fans noticed that he was not enjoying singing with her, some said that maybe he was forced to sing with her, 'Kelly Khumalo forced him to sing with her', said a fan in the comments, others were just worried about this unhappy man behind Kelly Khumalo, these were their comments below:

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