If your woman cheats on you with another man, it is not cheating, is another job- Shatta Bundle

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Fridaus Iddrisu, popularly known as Shatta Bundle, has caused a stir on social media with a video he shared. The video has received numerous thumbs-ups from viewers.

In the video, Shatta Bundle describes cheating as another type of work. He insinuated that with a well-paid job, men can get their partners back when they cheat on them with other men richer than them. 

He said that rather than seeing negativity in the act, men should be motivated to wake up and work for more money. Many of Shatta's fans and admirers' attention have been drawn to this video. Some took to the comment section to express their opinions about the post. 

The video was shared on GH's gossipdotcom page on Instagram a few hours ago. 

He said, " if your woman is cheating with another man because of money, it is not cheating, it is a different job. It is a wakeup call. Don't worry; when you get money, she will come back".

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