How Satanic Dreams Kills Someone Future

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Dreams are revelations of what is going to happen to one in the present or future. Dreams primarily comes from three sources; God, Man and Satan.

However, Godly dreams are revelations from heaven to Man about His plans and purposes for him to stay in life and make heaven which is the ultimate goal having lived a fulfilled life.

But, satanic dreams are revelations from the demons to terrify, attacks, destroy, misinform and entice someone to miss out in the plan of God for our lives.

These are how satanic dreams kills someone future.

1. By Eating In The Dream.

When someone eat in the dream; food or meat it is a satanic way to afflicts the person with sickness that would eventually result to death.

It is also another means of initiation into demonic kingdoms.This normally leads to spiritual weakness, poison and death.

2. By Having Sex In The Dream.

When someone have sex in the dream, this is to put full stop in all the area of the person endeavors by witches and wizards.

Adultery and fornication are good ground for the spirit to have stronghold in the life of a person. You rebuke the spirit husband or wife from visiting you.

3. By Going Back To Our Old School.

When someone dream that he is always going back to his old school, former class, former employer, and former offices.

This is a way the devil uses to put stagnation and setbacks in to the life of someone.

4. By Failing Examination In The Dream.

When someone dream of sitting for an examination but fail, could not finish or confuse in the hall during test paper.

This is a demonic programming of stagnation, frustration, discouragement, embargo and setbacks. You need to pray fervently to God for success in all areas of life.

5. By Using Dead Relatives In The Dream.

When someone dream of having fun, cooking, and contacts with the death, this indicates serious evil around you.

If the dead person is the husband, the person may not be able to remarry again. It is also a serious physical and spiritual illness that is in the offing. You need to break and loose yourself from the bondage.

6. By Occultism To Call Someone In The Dream.

When you find yourself in the midst of occultist or a meeting people with demonic regalia it means your spiritual man has been called into attendance.

You have knowing or unknowingly entered into a demonic covenant in the demonic world. Therefore, you have to break every conscious or unconscious covenants around you.


Whenever you have any of these dreams, you must pray very serious to avoid problems. This is how satan and his cohorts; demons manipulated people in the dream and manifest in the physical. Satanic dreams kills someone future.

Nevertheless, by prayers and fasting as a child of God, you can correct all the dreams you had in the past.

The good news is that, you can recall all past evil dreams and put your dreamland in order through prayers. Prayerfully cancel any evil dreams and establish the good dreams from God.

The Holy Spirit will bring the important dreams to your rememberance if you ask Him.

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All the best. Cheers.

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