Corruption; Some Kenyans Complained To Be Asked For Bribe At Mbagathi Hospital For Covid-19 Vaccine


The 2nd wave of corona virus has made many Kenyans got worried of their health. Yesterday at Mbagathi Hospital as the Kenyans were being vaccinated hey came out complaining that they ere being asked for bribes.

The ones who went for the test said that they arrived at the hospital at 8am yesterday and they were shocked to encounter a long queue in which the Kenyans were pushing and pulling each other.

“There are many senior citizens here but as you can see, young people are going there and being attended to as the elderly remain in the queue.

“This is so unfair,” says Patel who had forgotten his identity card on the first day so he had to be their for the second day. From the look of things Citizens complained that so many people were getting vaccine without the ID.

“They could have given numbers as one comes so that we don’t have this push and pull,” he says.

At the main entrance their is a notice which reads; “Covid-19 Vaccination Phase 1. Eligible persons to get the vaccine are health officers, uniformed officers e.g. police, teachers and clergy. NOTE: Please provide work ID.”

The security officers are the ones helping to maintain the queue to be at order as the nurses gives instructions that only four people are allowed in at a time.