Every man for himself and God for us all, Not in the Church.

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Christians have conformed so much to the standard of the world to an extent that we now speak and act like the people of the world. Statements like each man for himself and God for us all shouldn't exist in our syllabus because God through the Bible teaches us to love and live for one another.

In the book of Act 4 from 32- 37, we find the actions of the members of the First Church. They were of one spirit and they shared everything. Among them there was no rich or poor they lived equally and shared all they had. None said what they had was his alone but he knew it belonged to all within the church.

They sold their land, houses and possession and they put money in the feet of the apostles so they may share it accordingly. The Bible also emphasizes how members of the church grew in numbers. You notice none of these people had the “every man for himself and God for us all mentality.”

Today in the church to find people without shoes while the members of the church have plenty even the pastor himself. So-called ‘Shepherds’ of the Lord’s flock no longer look after the flock but are now concerned about their well being.

Orphans and widows are no longer taken care of in the church the way Dorcas did in Acts 9:36-42. Then we wonder why the church is not growing and people are leaving the church. Members of the church have developed the Ananias and Sapphira mentality. This couple hid their property from the disciples and they thought they can lie to the Holy Spirit, Acts 5.

We indeed live in a different world today. Way different than the first church but little acts of kindness should be practised in the church. In fact no one should go to bed hungry or not have anything to wear while the church coffers are full and the pastor is almost looking obese.

The Church and the church members should learn and practice to take care of the orphans, widows and the needy. It's not just the pastor that should be taken care of but all those that are in need.

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