Kangudo: Angry Mob Lynched Suspected Phone Snatcher

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Cases of robbery have been increasing recently especially phone snatching in Nairobi and its environ. According to a Popular Nairobi Cop Killer Jay Black Not his real name, residents of Kangudo road have lynched a man who was caught red handed trying to steal someone's phone.

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Eye witness said that the man was caught in act before angry residents who are tired of theft landed on him with blow and kicks.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

It is alleged that phone snatchers have found it easy to steal from people before they go and sell back to brokers popularly known as black market. You are always advised not to buy second hand phone especially if you don't know if the owner bought it or siphoned it from somebody else. As this may land you in jail if someone who was robbed reports to police and you are tracked.

Here are some of the suspected photos;

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