After 9 months of dating, former Idols contestant Sneziey Msomi gets engaged.

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Everyone wants to feel deserving and worthy of someone's love. It is everyone's dream to have someone that they can call theirs and get to spend forever with them. It is everything to have someone want to spend everyday with you. That's means they love you with everything in them. 

Former Idols contestant Sneziey Msomi now turned Gospel singer, has been turning heads on her Instagram. The singer is amongst some of the thick women embracing their beautiful bodies. Not only is she touching us with music but also being a role model. 

She recently shared beautiful and life changing news with her fans. She is engaged to the love of her life. "The one thing being with you have taught me is that “ people act right for who they want to act right for”. It’s been a great 9months of love, respect, peace, support and achievements thank you for keeping your words to me and making me UMKAKHO umama wezingane zakho🥰 To many more achievements and most importantly love that comes with peace. 🥂."

It's true when they say men know what they want. There's never a time frame when it comes to love. Congratulations to her on becoming the Mrs.

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