What is preventing you from being rich.


Many people wonder how comes they are not rich yet they have all it takes to become another Bill Gates. One thing that they don’t know is that self discipline heavily contributes to one’s success. We have seen a number of professionals who earn same salary yet one of them performs better than workmates. This is significantly contributed by better financial planning and self discipline. This article describes basic things that most people do without realizing their long term consequences.

1. Not implementing ideas in time

Sometimes you might have a very good idea, maybe you have obtained a loan and you want to start a small business.

Then you start dragging and using simple excuses to postpone the idea. After six months you realize that you have done nothing but you have spent some money on supporting relatives, changing lifestyle and buying expensive gadgets. The moment you think of a good idea, ensure you actualize it, unless you are planning to regret in future.

2. Taking many loans

Loans are good and they have helped many entrepreneurs start successful businesses, but you should be careful how, where and why you are taking a loan. Banks are there to make money and they will sweet talk you into taking soft loans to keep you going, you will always have a habit of taking salary advance, soft loans and other loans without having clear ambitions. Repaying these loans might drag you behind, leave you with nothing and sometimes drive you into depression. Have a clear plan of what you intend to do with a loan before you finally settle on taking one. If you are not planning to initiate an income generating project then buy property which appreciates in value with time.

3. Having more than one spouse

A number of professionals find themselves in a trap which is hard to escape when they start earning. When money starts flowing, so many of them start noticing beautiful women who don’t resist once approached because they know you have money. You find yourself having even five girlfriends and all of them depend on you for financial support. This is where you end up wasting 10 years without saving and at the end of the day you don’t marry any of your girlfriends.

4. Poor spending habits

So many people become over excited when they earn their salaries. They will go to malls/supermarkets and buy things which are not necessary thus wasting money which could be used to start a project. Sometimes you are carried away when you are celebrating a game on a weekend and order for everyone a drink. At the end of the day, you have consumed your whole salary on alcohol. It’s not bad to buy people drinks, but have some limits. Even some of the people you buy drinks are not genuine friends; they are there to please you so that your pocket can leak and later laugh at you when you have nothing.

5. Alcohol

A lot of many people’s careers have ended because of alcohol. Once someone is addicted to alcohol they become very irresponsible that they can even forget about their families. Drinking alcohol is not that bad but when it starts consuming more than a quarter of your salary then you are about to welcome poverty.

6. Living beyond your means

This is a very bad disease for people who are employed throughout the world. Many of them try to copy what their friends are doing: if a friend has bought a car, you also want to acquire one so that you can be at par. If he is paying rent of Ksh.60,000, you also move to a house in that range. We call this a rat race where you are chasing something that you cannot achieve. Don’t buy what can make you strain and even end up developing chronic diseases. You were born alone, so live your life no matter what people say about you; they must say anyway.

7. Not giving yourself first priority

You secure a nice job in a popular city and barely 3 months to employment, your aunt confirms to you that her child has been chased out of school and they don’t have money. Since you are a Christian, you clear the fees. The following weeks, two of your brothers are chased out of school and since they are brothers you also clear their school fees. The cycle continues until you end up helping the entire community. Ten years down the line, the whole village is singing your name but looking at what you have achieved for yourself, nothing. Before you decide to help as many people as your heart tells you, ensure you help yourself first. Don’t sympathize too much until you forget you have a life to live.

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