People are disappointed in Naakmusiq. Cassper Nyovest is happy though.

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Cassper Nyovest has been challenging some local artists and media personalities to challenge them in a boxing match. He has fought sir trill and now he wants to fight Naak music.

Naakmusiq is a South African actor,businessman and artist. He accepted Casspers invitation to the boxing match and they're set to fight on the 08th of April. Naak posted a video of himself training and it started trending. People had a lot to say and most of them were disappointed.

A tweep said "After watching that video of Naak Musiq training. I'm so disappointed. The boy from Muff Town is gonna win that fight Haybo."

Another tweep said "The difference between Naak and Cass is that Naak is still a rookie and has to grasp all the basics whereas Cassper is a natural, all he has to do is prioritise fitness but people think boxing is all about who’s more muscular. I honestly still don’t see Naak defeating Cass."

Cassper Nyovest on the other hand is very happyWhen a tweep said to Cassper that he should start preparing because Naak is scary he said "I haven't started training, been sick. Naak isn't scary , he is just built. He is a body builder, not a boxer. I'm going to NAAK HIM OUT!!! Im going to enjoy breaking him down and them ima out him on the canvas!!! Im soo happy everyone thinks ima lose, it gives more drive!"

I honestly don't see Naak winning this fight. Especially if im judging by the video trending, he doesn't look confident and ready but he has 2 more months to train so he might get better. Another tweep said he is acting clueless so he doesn't reveal his best punches and moves, but how can we be sure? What if he really doesn't know how to box?

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