#JusticeForKaaka Strengthened, As Samson Ayenini Makes This Surprising Plea To Police and Government


Have you thought about it? All that all Ghanaians thought we knew about Macho Kaaka's gruesome murder and even his passionate cause, may have been turned up side down and to many, there is an intentional ploy, to twist the facts.

For instance, even the Committee of Enquiry and Ghana Police's outspoken DCOP Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, have been very emphatic that, Kaaka was never a part of #FixTheCountry campaign. Many have questioned, if there was a form, he had to buy, fill and return, to be part of the group and movement, who are using social media, to basically voice out deep seated problems they have with the present government.

 Interestingly, because this first point has been made to stand now, that he was not part of the group, his gruesome murderers, have also shifted from the alleged political persons, who had threatened him that his criticisms, were making the political leaders he was criticizing unpopular and today, his own brother is standing trail, for what the Police say, is a family feud, turn fatal.

Whereas interestingly, they also have two others in jail for same offense, something award winning journalist, Manasseh Azure, has in a viral post questioned its plausibility.

It is for these reasons, that, the family currently made up of Kaaka's wife, a brother and two uncles have even officially decided to stay out of the on-going Ejura Committee of Enquiry, as they insist that, the brother of Kaaka, has nothing to do with the death and for the witness, the wife insists that, she only came later on to the scene, after his husband had been found beaten and seriously wounded.

Fast forward, Lawyer Samson Ayenini, Host of Joy News TV's "Newsfile," in his Facebook page, ha called the Police and government, to "honour the dead," in what many see as a loaded perspective.

He wrote that:

"Pray - "The police, despite having three suspects in their custody, singled out Kaaka’s brother as the suspected killer... Kaaka, who publicly identified himself as a supporter of the governing NPP in one of the videos also expressed fears that his work was attracting enemies." Honour the dead."

For instance, the Older brother of Macho Kaaka, who is now alleged to have killed his brother, named Mohammed Iddi rather still insists that, “politicians” as responsible for the killing of his younger brother.

“On 26th June 2021, I woke up early in the morning and saw bloodstains on the corridor of the house and in front of our washroom. There, I asked the occupants and was told some Politician beat Kaaka wounded him was rushed to the hospital in Ejura…”

In the statement, the suspect said he had heard his brother say that he had run into problems with some politicians who had threatened to beat him up. The statement mentions one Bismark Salifu Braimah of Ejura as an independent witness to the writing of the statement.

This bit of information is worth noting because, Kaaka himself, before his passing, had publicly identified himself as a supporter of the governing NPP and in one of the videos also expressed fears that his work was attracting enemies. “….the threats they are threatening me, it is not their fault. They don’t understand me. If they understood me, the leaders would be in trouble and so the leaders don’t want to understand me,” he said in one of the live videos he posted on Facebook, and as seen here at EVIDENCE: Murdered Kaaka said he was an NPP member and #fixthecountry campaigner - YouTube. (VIDEO)

Apart from the party supporters who didn’t like his work, Kaaka had also had problems with the police, when he allegedly recorded some police officers misconducting themselves. There is a warning letter from the police in Ejura that said he was disturbing the public peace.

In another voice recording, Kaaka is heard arguing with a group of young people who accused him of making the government and the governing NPP unpopular. They threatened to beat him if he didn’t stop and in yet another video he posted on May 16, 2021 as seen here at "This may be my last video" Kaaka feared for his life after threats - YouTube (VIDEO), he expressed fears that that might be his last video because he might not survive if those threatening him eventually got the opportunity to carry out their threats. More than a month later, he was killed.

With these plethora of instances, when he was clearly threatened by political persons, it is surprising to many that, its now a new turn of events and Samson Ayenini's calls to "honour the dead," may be a modest call, to do the right and needful thing, for the departed soul, who was just fighting for the ordinary Ejura resident.

Commentary following Lawyer Ayenini's post include the following:

Daniel Andoh writes "Everyone is picking where it suits them"

Nkosohen Eninn Kwabena writes "U are behaving like trained propagandist instead of lawyer . Ur constant push to make this govt look bad is getting tough for u"

Gaagoro Muhammad Hardi writes "The police are confused...."

Maleek Geechi writes "Who should they Single out then?? After the eye witness has pointed him out on that nyt seeing him around the crime scene.. Whom do u want them to single out in ur view?? Asem b3n kraa niee.. You guys are rada disgracing ursefs.. Tryin to defend ursef.. Accept ur mistakes n move on la..

Rabiu Lecturer writes "Why the Police still keeping the 3 in remand if indeed the eyewitness singled out the brother and if your logic is something to go by. For the records, the same eyewitness gave the statement that she saw two people running away when she opened the door upon hearing the struggle. Go and watch the video of the Deputy Ashanti regional police commander, he indicated the so-called eyewitness, gave two separate accounts and he suggests she should be invited to appear before the committee"

Sulley Seidu writes "I said the MCE for the area is the crime suspect in Kaaka's attack. If the police is serious to find the killers, then they should apprehend him first."

Antwi Emmanuel writes "Their interest is their agenda"

Chife Ayaa writes "We were warned but we didn't listen"

Christian Asare-tuah writes "I taught Samson Anyenini of all people was going to allow the police to finish their and then criticize if he wasn’t satisfied with the conclusion.."

James E Bailey writes "We know and we are aware"

Elijah Awuley writes "This is more serious than I think. If someone within could be killed for expressing his views about government performance, then we must all be careful, and watch our backs, when posting anything on Facebook and walking in town. #WeOnlyWantTheBestForThisCountryGhana but not to score mere political points. Ghana is not well"

Akwasi DeBroy writes "I wonder a lawyer of your Calibre and in practice, u can easily take sides on criminal matters. One more reason I watch news file is uncle Kwaku Baako's objectivity on issues of this form. I remember when on of the shows it nearly turned into a real contention between both of you. Let's be objective even in subjectivity. A lawyer of your status shouldn't make such contentious and prejudicial comments."

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