Mzansi left shattered by Tbose Maputla's exit on the show after he made a statement.


He has been with the show from the get go, the show started airing in September of 2011 and he made his debut as an actor in the television industry. Skeem Saam has been the best show to ever bring new fresh faces in the television industry, talk about people like Cornet Mamabolo, Clement Maosa and many more. 

Cornet Mamabolo is not only known a an actor but also as a successful Businessman who has accomplished a lot in his career. The star has been on the show for 10 years and now he has decided to make an exit on the show. He announced on his social media platforms that he will be taking a break from our screens by mentioning that:

"This is my official break from your screens as Tbose Maputla, thanks for all the support you have shown me over the years, I mean I literally matured to be the man I’m today before your eyes. This is a break for me to primarily focus on my insurance business; Digni Financial Services." his exit on the show left many of his fans shattered. 

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