Tough Times For Chelsea's New Goalkeeper As He Loses His Second EPL match Consecutively

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On 15th December Chelsea played their round 13 English Premier League match against Wolves. Chelsea however lost the match 2-1 to Wolves.

This shows tough times for the new Chelsea Goalkeeper Edouardo Mendy who joined the club at the begining of the 2020/2021 EPL season. When he joined the club he managed not loosing any match for his fast 11 matches he played for the club in all competitions.

This was until their round 12 English premier League match against Everton when his record was broken as Chelsea lost the match 1-0 to Everton.He however seemed to have lost it since their 1-0 lost to Everton. This can be proven by their lost to Wolves on Tuesday.

Though he tried to keep it in the first half of the match which ended 0-0. Coming back to second half of the match things seemed out of hand for him since he ended up conceding two goals in the match that ended 2-1.

This may not be a good impression for Chelsea fans who expect good results from the talented goalkeeper but lets hope that he will do his best in their coming round 14 EPL match against West Ham on 21st December.

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