"Tuambiane Ukweli Nungari Will Beat You." Mixed Reactions After Loise Announced Her Bid in Politics.

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Loise Kim is well known due to her gospel songs. Fortunately, she has been in the industry for many years. She was brought up in Kabete in Kiambu County. Her mother is a pastor while her father is a church elder. Being brought into a Christian family helped her to shape her destiny. Even though she got pregnant at a very tender age, her parents supported her very much.

Through her music, many people have been redeemed. Her music has made her travel to different countries. Loise has also natured many talents across the country. Here are some of the comments from her Facebook page; "Motto.... tusindanganyane tuambiane ukweli Mercy Nungari will beat you."

Having gone through ups and downs in life, she never lost hope. Loise Kim later got married. Even though her marriage never lasted for many years, she was left with her two children. Her ex-husband now lives in Diaspora. Many years down the line Loise is still a single mother.

Apart from music, she runs a foundation called Loise Kim Foundation. Recently she opened a beauty college where she teaches about beauty and other courses. Loise is also aspiring to be the Women Rep for Kiambu County. There have been mixed reactions among people.

Loise Kim will vie for the seat with the UDA ticket. Other artists who have shown interest in politics include MC Jessy, Pro Hamo, Jalang'o and others. As we are heading towards the general elections it's good to maintain peace, love and unity.

Other aspirants who have also shown interest in Kiambu County are Wamuratha, Mercy Nungari and others. Wamuratha is a family coach, an influencer, a cake matron, and an Emcee. Mercy is a presenter and a nominated MCA. We wish them all the best. Below are mixed reactions from different people;

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