"Si Asaidie Akuku Badala Ya Kuringa" Kenyans Blast Ringtone As He Shows Off Ksh.15 Million Watch

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Popular gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has once again sparked mixed reactions after a video of him went viral today. The video which showed Ringtone flaunting a golden watch which he revealed to be worth Ksh.15 million greatly raised a debate online with netizens arguing from different perspectives. 

Apparently, this also came a moment when ailing Churchill Show comedian Akuku Danger reportedly got blocked from getting discharged after inability to clear his Ksh.2 million medical bill.

Basing their arguments on the event, netizens utterly denounced Ringtone's act of pride as they suggested that he ought to intervene for his fellow troubled artist instead of showing off online.

"It's so sad, yaani these Kenyan artists making big na hawawezi saidia kuraise hiyo bill." A fan stated.

Moreover, the fan also argued that most prosperous celebrities have only been extending "Quick Recovery" messages without executing any helpful interventions. Apparently, Akuku was discharged a day ago and is still raising funds to enhance his exit from the hospital.

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