"Now I Understand Why My Uncles Were Not Picking My Calls" - Cute Abiola Laments

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Popular comedian, Cute Abiola, has revealed the new way he feels about his uncles who didn't help him when he was younger.

Many young people can testify to the fact that they have been ignored by certain relatives when they really needed financial help. For Cute Abiola, this used to be the case.

However, in a post which he made on social media, Abiola said that he now understands why his Uncles were not picking his calls those days.

Looking at the way the country's economy has plummeted and goods and services have been hit hard by inflation, Cute Abiola might be saying that he understands his uncles' behaviour in the past because of how hard it is for the average Nigerian to survive these days. See his post below.

Who can relate with what Cute Abiola said? Have you ever been ignored by an uncle you were seeking help from? Tell us your experience at that time and and how you feel about it now.

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