Degree Sio Lazima; 2 High Paying Jobs In Kenya That Don't Require A Degree


Content Creation/ Vlogging

In the last few years, Kenya digital revolution has taken place. The media and content creation has created many jobs that did not exist before. Hundred of Kenyans make a living through content creation either through YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. The increase in the internet use has created many jobs and many digital influencers. People like Njugush earn a lot of money through youtube and advertising


Motor vehicle mechanics make repairs, service maintain, and perform many equipment operations that involve car engines and the entire machine. Depending on location and experience mechanics can make up to 100,000 a month. This job doesn't need any degree it only needs training either vocational or in field training. The good thing for mechanics is that they choose how much they want to charge for the services. In Nairobi most of them prefer female clients because they pay well and have less knowledge about cars.